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At South Park Self Storage, we are here to help you keep your belongings safe and secure, but conveniently accessible. We know the heart of a self storage company is pretty simple, that you trust us to keep your belongings safe for you when you run out of space for them elsewhere. If it is worth it to you to pay for a service, then it is worth it to us to provide that service to the best of our ability. After all, if you did not care about these belongings, would it be worth it to you to store them? Of course not, and that is why we treat everyone like individuals, the things you keep here might be of enormous personal significance, after all.

That significance is what makes who you trust to care for your belongings all the more important. We respect, above all else, the trust that you show us as people to provide that care. Our staff is experienced and well trained for exactly that reason. If we only provided the best facility, then there would still be the question of our overall service, which is why customer care is a huge priority for us. As our friend and neighbor, you should always feel comfortable voicing your opinion to us, especially if you feel we could be doing better.

Every part of our business revolves around that, the idea of putting our customers first. The extended hours we offer during the week, the exceptionally high standard of climate control for our units. All of these things are a real demonstration of just how much we value you and want to provide you with the best service we can. Our experience has proven over 20 years of service to our community that we know what we are doing, and we hope you will trust us to do the same for you.